Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Early Spring Exhibition

                         The Daffodils are coming up, the Garden at the Fay Wood Studio is free of snow, and We have "hung"  our latest Exhibition at the, the new companion website to Fay Wood  This exhibition is composed of eight wall- hung sculptures ; six are Found
Metal Assemblages, two are Mixed Media Assemblages.
DRIFT # I       Found metal, Found wood

"CUTTING GARDEN #I"     Found Metal, Found Wood

 "CUTTING GARDEN #2"       Found Metal, Found Wood
"GREENPIECE"           Found Object Assemblage
                The exhibition from
           last month's exhibition page
           can still be seen at the 
           bottom of this month's
           page-   send us an e-mail
           for more information
           about any of the work.
           The prices are moderate;
           you can use Paypal for your
           convenience . See the


                      These very elegant wall sculptures will look spectacular in any setting - from
              small, intimate spaces to those that are larger and more open.
"DRIFT # 2"         Found Metal, Found Wood

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Visit the new gallery site!

                I'd like to invite you to see the new companion web site I've just begun. It's at
              and will have new exhibitions of my work monthly; will show the recent workshops
              that have been held and future workshops in the planning stage. It will also update the   
              information about the book of insights and anecdotes about the 50+years in the studios
              I've been lucky (or unlucky) to have owned....... the work on this sight will change
              frequently; all will be for sale, and can be discussed in detail with an e-mail to my studio.
The working cover of   "........Where Next? "

Friday, February 27, 2015

Find the beauty in the weather

                                I'm finding that I'm getting annoyed at the "meteorologists" who are
                "reporting " our weather. These people are behaving as if they are drop-outs from
                drama school who will say and do anything to become "celebrities". The result is
                they turn everything into a major disaster and we are teaching our population,
                especially our children,  to be terrified  of the environment they live in..........I've
                lived many years through Northeast winters, summers, springs, and falls.....I've lost
                my home in a hurricane........But I'm still capable of finding the beauty in the world
                around me.    
                               Please look for the snowfall that keeps the plants well;  in the winds
                that prune the get the is there, waiting to be seen. And if you find
                yourself getting stale, as I do occasionally, come participate in one of my workshops
                where you may learn a little about beauty and have a little fun.      

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spring workshops in Found Object Assemblage


                        If you are feeling like you need something different to do, and
             you have a collection of  "stuff" or you have always wanted to create "Found
             Object " Sculpture, you may like to join one of my workshops. Plan a lovely
             weekend in the charming Hudson valley town of Saugerties.... Spend a day
             at one of my workshops learning, with personal instruction, to build your own
             personal sculpture, and the next day , enjoy the many offerings that are in this
             remarkable area.
                      Workshops are limited to three people to give my personal attention to you
            and your work. Spring dates are now available ; week days or weekends. Groups
            are limited to three people; instruction from 9:30am to 3:30 pm.

"Cutting garden # 4"
Fay Wood and Beth discussing the design elements in Beth's work


   We do have a good time together creating some creative pieces of found object
     sculpture.   I work with people who have had no experience as well as those who are
     interested in learning a new technique.

Sylvia's finished piece

Sylvia and her work

Monday, February 2, 2015

Announcement of "Where Next?" a studio biography

                          Since the middle of October 2014, I have been writing the history of
          my studio(s) of 50+ years.
                          Read the comments and discussion from my husband, my three "Friends"
         and of course, myself, about the life in the studio.
                          Read all about the fence and sidewalk art shows of the 1960's and 1970's,
          our move to California, the hurricane in Connecticut that destroyed one studio, the
          National Sculpture Society prize, among others, the shows in Europe, my theories
          and practice of making Found Object sculpture, and last, but certainly not least,
          a description of my newest studio, where I'm creating new sculpture as well as holding
          workshops that the participants have found inspiring as well as entertaining.
                          The book will contain images of the studios as well as a portfolio containing
          both early and late work of the five mediums I work in:
                          Drawings: a whole section of my beautiful cats in pen & ink, as well as
                                            drawings from my garden.
                          Oil Paintings: more colorful cats, as well as large canvases of my "Tapestry
                                            of my Mind" series and other abstracts.
                          Reverse Oil Painting on Glass: images of small, jewel-like abstracts on glass.
                          Found Object Assemblage: Images of prize- winning sculpture, including my
                                            method of using rag paper; which have become the main focus of
                                            my studio, and the first subject of the workshops I hold.
                          The Tapestry of My Mind Series: Begun with painting, it has evolved into
                                            stunning fiber tapestries with found objects....called "brilliant" in
                                            a recent review, around which I am creating a new workshop
                  All of this will be in a lovely book of 80 +  pages - I am in the process of preparing it
        for the printers now and will have will have information for you to reserve your copy at
        this site............please e-mail me at                                                                                                                                                             
Working  cover of  "Where Next?"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Comments on the January 24 Workshop

                     I just received an email from Julie and Rob, the participants in the Found-Object      Assemblage Workshop held on January 24th. Julie has a great blog and has written about the day we all spent in my studio. They both created work that in the time given was exceptional, and I'm delighted to see and hear the way they used my direction. Here is Julie's Blog......


    See for yourself what we are doing.

                         Julie and Rob working with intention for stability......

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The January 24th Found Object Workshop

                     After a lovely, gentle snowfall the night before, the two participants in my
         January Found Object Assemblage Workshop, Julie and Rob, arrived at my studio
         Saturday morning. We brought their materials to the studio, and then I showed them
         a selection of sculptures of my creation that used many of the methods of joinery and
         design that they might find useful in creating their own pieces. And then we began.

         They each had brought a large selection of found objects to choose from, but were able
      to narrow the choices quickly and decide on the direction each would take. I was delighted
      to see that they let their individual personalities show strongly in the materials they chose ;
      Julie was interested in using many small parts that echoed each other forming a repetitive
      theme, while Rob chose to use large bolder shapes. The morning passed quickly; They both
      had questions about design, materials and tools,and the philosophy behind Found Object
      Sculpture and my ideas on how to create it, so I was having a wonderful time answering
      their questions and showing them where to apply the methods.

             At the end of the workshop, we all were satisfied with what had been accomplished:
    Two very well designed and thought out pieces of Found Object Assemblage. Rob and Julie
    have taken their work home and will put final touches to the work and will send me photos
   of the finished sculptures for a final consultation. I think they have found, with my help, a way
    to enjoy their collection of found pieces.
                   If you are interested in learning to make sculpture in this way ,please send me an
   e-mail for more information.